PyrographyPYROGRAPHIC WILDLIFE ARTIST / Abstract Painter

As a self taught wood burning artist (pyrographer), I feel a real connection with my art. I love animals and wood. Start with the many species of trees. Strong and beautiful. Then add an amazing variety of animals and birds. As I burn each likeness into the wood it speaks to me. I become a part of it. The character of the wood breathes life into every piece. I have been a wildlife wood burning artist since I was a teen. (that’s a long time ago)

More recently I have discovered Abstract Painting (Aug 2015). Immediately I was hooked. I am experiencing so much freedom and self discovery with this technique of drip painting. Letting the paint (or stain) drop onto a surface. Wood, canvas or furniture. Often times the paint is flung there by a stick or a brush as I walk around and around it on the floor. Layer upon layer. Working as Big as I can. Allowing my emotions to come through. Each piece taking on a life of it’s own. I love to work in our backyard in the grass, with the trees and birds all around.

One day, on a whim, I added a NW native animal styling to a painted piece. Then a figurative bird on another. I was really hooked! The combination of the more basic shapes and colors of the native style with the near chaos feeling of the drip painting is really where I am right now. I have found my creative passion! I didn’t know I was looking, then one day it was all right in front of me. My partner calls me an oxymoron…

I really enjoy going to work everyday.


My Molly